FAITH at Damascus

Met Paul on Damascus trying to take off my heels Saying there was something on the ground I had to feel Smiled and showed him my soles Informed him I walk on blood since Christ filled my soul[?] #LouboutinGirl


For the most part I'm not a "name brand" consumer. I'm aware of the popular items and what the masses are attracted to. Still, I'm not driven by name brands. For me, Christian Louboutin was once undiscovered yet, determined to create signature products for everyone to enjoy.  Hence his red bottoms, red soles, blood heels or however you want to identify his shoes. His passion to provide quality despite his worldwide recognition as a master of his craft is what gives him staying power. Faith, demands the same thing. Faith demands your heart and mind to be fully persuaded by God. Faith is still standing when others are urging you to let go... It's not an easy space to be in yet time and time again, Faith will prove it's worth it. Like Paul at Damascus, Faith will meet you at a rocky point and change your life with the goal of becoming an all or nothing relationship.

Don't waste your time giving CPR to dead situations

Don't waste your time giving CPR to dead situations

As Christians, we act as if everything that dies is supposed to be Resurrected. We get excited because Jesus rose from the dead. And, We should! We should get excited at what Jesus represented and why HE had to receive CPR. Jesus is a symbol of Abundance,  Peace, Life, Joy, Forgiveness, Progress and transformation.