Do you find at times you're judged as a person of Faith?  Judged not by your behaviors, though sometimes they don't match up with biblical terms, but the judgment comes from someone's interpretation of your packaging. For example, a millionaire walks in a room with a tee and jeans and is discounted because he's not wearing flashy jewelry or expensive shoes; on the surface he can't be identified by what man deems valuable. Same goes for the lover of trap music or even someone who has a challenge with addiction who has such a hope in Christ but is confusing to men for they too are not "wrapped" in Christian garb and/or values. These individuals are not the banner of Faith to the "saved" ; the ones who KNOW God. For their Faith or Christianity is not screaming at you from the onset of your encounter with them. They have layers. 

Yes, there are levels in our walk of Faith. The one who's matured or seasoned in walking with Christ is far different than that newbie; the one who just bumped straight into God for the first time.  However,  in all our levels, there are Layers to this thing called faith... This substance of which we hang on to. It's not a blanket experience nor is it universal in the experience. Layers of personal encounters help us not only define Faith but draws us in how God deems. 

On cold mornings, if you look at the intricate way you layer your body with clothes and/or protective garments to shield you from the cold. Some of us can not handle the layering of shirts, long john's and more so we look for clothing equipped to handle that job. While most of us seek long john's and extra clothing because the packed on items give us a mental security that we will be able to handle the weather as it comes.What does this have to do with being judged?  What does layers even have to do with faith?

The response is simple. In 1 Corinthians 2:5 (KJV) states , " That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." Huhhh?  Men judge based on information they have gathered. They call on God like He's a leader of a clique.  Rarely,  are we truly tapping into or appreciating the power of God. Faith requires you to co-create with a partner you can't see. It requires you to add on spiritual garments to protect and guide you from forces you can't measure against. Faith is layered in that you can be in love with God and still maintain your humanity. He sent Jesus as an example.  Jesus wrestled with God and His humanity in a garden.  He wasn't ready to die for a people he didn't know fully. In my mind, Jesus must have known Sunday was coming but, he still didn't want to deal with Friday. He mustered up strength to speak into the lives of two criminals by his side on the cross. He recognized beyond their flaws there were layers to these individuals that His father felt he ought be sacrificed for and served with compassion. 

Often, when we step out of the house and step in work, school, church, courts, and/or our friend's homes do we see the layers or do we address what's going on with the surface? Trust in the fact as relevant as it was back then for the people to believe moreso in the power of God vs . the frailties of men it's just as relevant in your current walk👠👠👠