Walking in it!

 "But, I trust in your unfailing love.", said Faith as she walked through a world of pain. Those on the outside laughed as she quoted psalm 13:5. Little did they know it was one of the mantras she hung on to when life contradicted her own vision and goals.

What happens when pain demands it's attention? You know when it is throbbing and  pulsing... deciding to stand up to the pain medications you took saying not today... The physical mind distorting pain which affects your day to day reasoning; the one "Believers" are so quick to shout out,  "By His stripes you are healed!" as an antidote to quickly make it go away. 

  Most of us are familiar with pain; that physical suffering caused by illness or injury.  Yes, pain, the tangible indicator of an offset in our body. We've had our firsthand experience with it and/or have seen someone suffering from it. Pain is an undeniable experience which always has a purpose. As I just mentioned it can be an indication of an offset in the body. It is a response to an illness or injury. Medical professionals have a clear solution for it or they provide you with management skills to bear it.  Pain is a physical part of life we are readily prepared to accept as a temporary situation. We trust our healing is on its way.

Then, whyyyyyyy is it so hard for us to trust healing is on its way for those other pains. The ones caused by a death of a loved one, a shattered friendship, a scarred relationship,  an ending marriage, a relentless family feud, an uncomfortable work environment and/or the pain of living in a distorted community.  These too are indicating there's an offset somewhere; a suffering caused by illness or injury. Though the remedy might not be so easily found, pain management techniques should be accessible. Not to promote the normalcy of pain but, to give us enough strength to walk in it as we wait and/or seek our healing. 

"But, I trust in your unfailing love" is Faith's pain management technique. It's an acknowledgement there's a purpose in the pain. Whether, it's a wake up call to live fully when faced with death or to extend compassion in fractured relationships or to start a rehabilitating mindset within hurting communities, the reality of pain is to be addressed or we will lose an opportunity to heal. There has been more success stories from pain than from complacency. Because, by walking in it, your pain gives you a discovering of who you are far greater than walking along to get along could ever teach you.