Throwing in the towel

Some times you have to kick off your heels, throw in the towel and admit You can't do it anymore. Yes, I mean it, for there will be days when "can't" ought to be applied in our vocabulary. We can't prevent natural disasters. We can't force someone's desires. We can't force a size 6 into an 8. We can't overlook the power of memory. We can't prevent loved ones from dying. We can't throw injustices in a shoe box pretending they don't exist. Yes, there are days when a VALID can't will show up in our lives and we should throw in the towel. 

Let me first explain the origin of this phrase for those who don't know. The phrase "throwing in the towel" originated from a boxing match in 1913 when a fighter was getting bloodied up pretty badly by his opponent and his team threw in the towel for the referee to step in and stop the fight. Now, anyone who knows me personally knows I have a spirit of not giving up;  I call it Faith. My friends call it stupidity and even denial. They believe I don't know what they've thought of me in those times when I chose to ride in Faith instead of mentally dying with fear!

For me, throwing in the towel, was more than an admission of defeat. It was a request for the referee to step in and say, "This has to stop right here." In order for this fighter to come back and fight again there has to be an intervention for him to regroup and heal before he can go another round. In the case of Murphy, the fighter, his team threw in the towel. What they realized is the fighter was not giving up. He was not relinquishing in anyway but, he needed that intervention from someone who could say, "No more....for now"

Similar to our life experiences, when we're getting blows after blows by life's disappointments, injustices and/or heartbreaks. When, you're of the, "I'll die trying" personality like me, you know throwing in the towel is not something you are willing to do. At least, not willingly.  Call it a byproduct of being raised from Brooklyn.  Because, you actually throw in the towel more than you realize.  What? Yep, I see the, "you're not talking about me" expression. It's so trueeeee! That walking in Faith "thing" that we brag about is actually throwing in the towel.

Having to choose between a pay cut or unemployment but, your household size and bills hadn't been downsized, what do you think you're doing when you go to God in faith? Leaving a relationship will cost you your livelihood but the price of staying will cost you your sanity, again, what do you think Faith is doing?  Faith is a spiritual act of throwing in that towel asking God to step in with a divine intervention in the natural.  It's really saying,  I don't need easy just an Avenue of possibility. Rest assured, throwing in the towel is not always about giving up. Rather, it's about giving in to a force greater than yourself.