Walking past Angels

How many of you were raised like me in the sense of being warned about strangers? Warned about the pending doom they bring or the intention of harm strangers apparently harbor. Overlooking the reality we too are strangers to someone! The hurts we've suffered both individually and collectively are keeping us from experiencing the true essence of humanity-> connection

Amidst all the advisory statements,  we forget strangers have the potential of becoming our friends, our business partners, our besties, even the love of our lives was once a stranger but, we can't remember that now... lol... Now, that you know them it's different,  they're different. 

What we forget is strangers are also part of the journey in Faith and in this experience we call life. Strangers, the unknown people who cross our paths, sometimes make significant deposits in our lives that friends and family can't.  Recently,  a friend shared how she was able to bare her soul in front a stranger who not only saw her and the message she was conveying, this stranger didn't judge, criticize, nor attempt to sum up her sharing in words; the stranger gave her a nudge of acceptance & encouragement she was unable to find in her own circle of friends. That encounter gave her a divine oxygen she needed to continue her purpose.

Strangers hold a power of a blank canvas that those familiar with us don't use. Strangers don't have a yesterday as a point of reference nor are they expecting a promise of tomorrow.  Strangers allow us to be who we are in the moment freely. If we dared ourselves to see strangers as Angels sneaking into bodies to mingle with us, we might grasp the scripture which tells us to, "don't forget to show hospitality to strangers,  for some who have done this have entertained angels without knowing it." 

Would you really walk by an angel and miss the opportunity of a divine encounter?  Maybe God is using Strangers (His Angels) to see in you what he does. So, will you continue walking by Angels?  We're all human still living in this day and age so I won't be fooled in thinking we will move on embracing every stranger that crosses our paths. However, as I went back and forth with this topic, I came across a Marianne Williamson quote stating, "the key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts."  What if "Strangers" stepped into our lives to help us access our untapped thoughts in order for us to move beyond our limits? 


Walkin by Angels.jpg