#TBT Storms Will Come (Find Hot Rain Shoes)

It is easy to have faith and see the goodness of the Lord when life seems to be in agreement with your dreams and your goals. What else are you to do when your friends are happy, you’ve met the love of your life, and your life appears to be a life of blessings on top of blessings? Celebrate! Keeping your Faith when you see results could be the easiest thing in the world. A little disagreement can’t falter that; you know mending is right around the corner.

                Yet, what happens when storms come? How do you respond when your seams are coming undone? Imagine friends turning into foes. Consider those who impacted you the most in your career and/or personal development are now a memory; no longer accessible by phone calls, emails nor visits.

You’re unsure.  You’re worried; sad moments are very different from discouraged days. Your cheering sections have decide to become a lynch mob. Where you were once welcomed with open arms might now be a sealed door. How does one remain strong in faith when everything around you just doesn’t make sense? How do you “go on” as people are quick to say with an ease when your pain is valid, real and is preventing you from even seeing any light let alone seeing one at an end of a tunnel?

First, Be Still. Take a deep breath in and exhale; release just for a moment the anxious energy that blocks you from seeing the good that still exists. Next remember to add a little “w.i.t” (whatever it takes) to distract you from the discouraging images.

WIT of humor to lighten your mood… WIT of encouraging quotes, images and scriptures to remind you- Storms will come but they won’t last! Storms are meant to uproot what you will no longer need. Storms help spiritual hoarders remove the emotional clutter and societal barometers which have us placing worry in the space of faith. Huh? What are you saying? I hear you asking. Well, compare your storms to that of a washing machine; clothes go through cycles of washing, friction plus spinning to remove stains & restore them back to their designed state.

Therefore, storms are used as a way to get us out of a comfort zone. They’re used as a means to remind us to not lose but increase our faith by hanging on. Storms will come: Expect them! Prepare for life storms like you would Hurricane warnings. Stock up on music, letters, pictures, vision boards, scriptures and anything that can direct your thoughts toward something positive when the negative is in full force. Trying to figure out the “why” of the storm, keeps your focus there, instead dare to say “Thank You” to shift your focus into the knowing of storms lack staying power.