Killing Me Softly

Roberta Flack inspired the remix by Lauren Hill of "Killing Me Softly" where you heard many gals singing, "I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style and so I came to see him and listen for a while and there he was this young boy stranger to my eye..." Many of you know this song. It's like the universal lyrical display of heartache being understood from an unlikely place.  

Killing me Softly; a melodic wooing of acceptance to the fact that something is dying within us. The lyrics tell us a private torment was being publicly displayed and it was killing her ego. She was emotionally naked in a room where she entered fully clothed with pride and confidence. Yet, this young boy decided to strip her, unintentionally removing layers simply by being himself with his love song and his style.  Wow, the unison of gals voices with this song shows how many of us can relate even in years later to the scariness of becoming emotionally naked in a room full of strangers or  “worst” our friends. Who wants to give anyone access to a space that might potentially be used against them? Not me!

Yet, “Killing me Softly” is a timeless piece reminding us of our equivalence instead of our dichotomies. It's symbolic in the sense of God placing us in scenarios where we personally want to run.  Places where we decide the timing is wrong to share or reveal that we might not have it all together.  Yet, each and every time I felt all flushed with fever and embarrassed my letters were being read out loud a new stranger walked up to me in comprehension. That cliché sentiment of my mess becoming a message was affirmed.  The joy of recognizing beauty comes from flawed places and we are all evolving rather than already being made. Faith teaches me if I give a little of my heart in trust to God, He responds in ways unimaginable. He becomes the comfort of a blanket gently placed over a nakedness not to be hidden but to be content in the moment gifted to us.

It becomes a bittersweet moment to be killed softly- to kill the ego, the doubts, the insecurities the negativity of our own thinking in order to live freely, peaceably and abundantly.  Underneath my heels are the tracings of some roads I walked where some of you might be currently standing. So, the universe will allow me to be stripped... just so others watching can clothed themselves in strength. 

🎶🎶 I prayed that He would finish, but He just kept right on.

And, Like Roberta

And, Like Lauren

And Like many people I know, we rather stand in the harsh realities of certitude than move in the false rhythm of a beautiful lie. Walking in Faith deems valuable our ability to step into some uncomfortable truths to walk on an authentic foundation.