Check Your Return Policy

One of my girlfriends, who share my passion for pretty shoes, sent me a memorable quote which stated, “Relationships are like shoes – some have a perfect fit, some need to be broken in and some no matter how many times you wear them will still hurt.” Every part of my inside jumped up and down when I read it for I knew too well the varied experiences of the shoes and of relationships. The memory of my pinky toe throbbing still lingers from those days of trying to break a few pairs in because who can remember the old adage, "You have to go through pain for beauty!" Unfortunately, I also had some relationships that no matter what I tried still hurt which I should have shouted, "Hey, can I get a refund?" on the first run. How nice would it be if we could start checking return policies on some experiences.

What? How are we returning experiences? By letting go what doesn’t serve you! There are times when you have to send people, experiences, and trials back to the source from where they came from. If someone tripped out of the friend zone, muster up the courage to walk them back there. If unavoidable trials of fiscal challenges, family and friendships illicit drama, gossip and confusion, muster up the courage to find the return policies and send them back. We stay too long in places that eat away at our spirits for reasons that hold no weight. "They need me, I'm loyal, it's just a phase, I have to forgive" Start valuing your personal, emotional, and spiritual time as you would your work time and vacation time; you'd spend less time indulging who or what that doesn't honor the time you invest them.

Plus never overlook the possibility of you're facing difficulties because you’re doing something right and not always having done something wrong.  Maintaining a high credit score is a result of doing something right but the difficulties of stacking your funds instead of racking on fun isn’t always the easiest steps to take. And, the crowd who can’t understand why you’re lying low to build might be the one you need to return. Some merchants give between 30- 90 days on their return policy. You might have to decide what your own time frame is on accepting moments that don’t stretch, encourage or improve your journey in any way.   You might have to stop internalizing what is not feeding your spirit! You have to recognize the power of your mind, set your own return policy guidelines and program your mind toward peace, success and authentic living.  

Checking your return policy - When you know the universe works in ways that will prosper you and/or those around you…Be it a smile, a random act of kindness, a listening ear, whatever it may be that evokes a smile in your spirit, you’ll learn to discard or return those items and even people that serve as a doorpost instead of a doorknob leading you to a better way. Note not every test is a returnable item! Please, don't discount the "pains" in your life. The shoe that had to be “broken in” had to hurt you& be stretched before it could fit.

Before you run amuck doing inventory on what needs or who needs to be returned, meditate on Napoleon Hill’s “Thought of the Day”:  “Whatever your faith may be, a good rule of everyday behavior is to live your life so that when it is over you can take pride in the knowledge that you have made a difference in the lives of those who have known you.” Recognizing that you too are subjected to scrutiny as one who walks in faith. You too ought to be a blessing when opportunity presents itself. Be mindful always of return policies. Because, if you’re bold enough to do self-inventory, you might discover you’re the item to be returned. 

Check your inventory and all your fine prints, most importantly check the stipulations on your return policy
Check your inventory and all your fine prints, most importantly check the stipulations on your return policy