Running, but to what mark?

There has been this increase in fitness campaigns.  I'm not sure if it's a response to the increase of an unhealthy society or if it's simply "Big Brother's" way of tapping into a new arena to squeeze extra dollars out of our pockets.  Either way, for those of us who've been doing this "fitness" thing for a moment, we can attest to the benefits of this increase of attention.  For one, there's a global comradery between those hitting the pavement,  gyms, bridges, highways, or whatever space one uses to get fit.

For me, my "fitness" choice has always been running.  It was the exercise, my mom introduced me to as a child. At one point she entered me in the Colgate games. I did relay. Though my mom and several other parents wanted us to be the winning team that year, we came in 3rd place which was exciting for us. Obviously, our parents didnt see the competition we saw they thought we were able to run and win it all. Hmmm, kind of like the fella we call God; the one we keep bragging about when things are going goood. 

What I'm learning in my relationship with Him is that his brilliance is unmatched in the way he seams His Word in the fabric of our experience. For example, in Philippans 3:14 there's a testimony of running. But, a running with hope and Faith towards a goal,  a mark so to say. That is an encouraging word for someone stuck in school working towards a degree or a single mom stuck figuring out how she will handle children,  household and self. It's also an encouraging word for some one working real hard to maintain a daily sobriety.  

Yet, what does it all mean? Running,  towards the mark and towards what mark. In Proverbs 6:18 there's an acknowledgement of our capacity to run towards the wrong things. It might just be me, but don't the wrong things at first glance always look good and seem right? So subtle in the pulling that when you meet it face to face it's too late. Yes, I've found running towards the mark challenging at times. I've found it confusing. I've found it relenting and draining on some days. But, I've also met some people God has placed in this relay called life whom have grabbed the baton and carried me to a new space for me to continue.  Either, they've met me in love or a stranger with a listening ear. They have managed to step in at times when I've strayed from the mark. 

In order to attempt answering what does it mean to run/press towards the mark, I kept reading this verse over- "I run straight toward the goal to win the prize that God's heavenly call offers in Christ Jesus." 

So, the mark is a prize offered from God. And, God's perspectives always differs from men! Peace is a prize for God while men seek profit. Sanity/Soundness of mind is a prize for God while men seek selfishly.  If we run towards a mark which provides a peace or even stitches our sanity together,  then it's safe to say the mark we're running towards a mark God has set. In any case, the choice is still ours to run and what we run to is for us to decide.👠👠👠