Public, Private, Purposed

Relationships are often a sensitive topic in that the varieties of them leave room for judgment when compared to societal norms; Open Exclusive, Secret, Private, Polygamous, etc… Relationships are a foundation of humanity from the beginning of biblical times i.e.: Adam and Eve. Scientifically, relationships are purposed as the foundation of mating. Relationships are a visible proof of connection. Be it families, friends, lovers and/or coworkers, relationships bond one human to another.

Do not discount the value of relationships by reducing them to categories. Relationship is defined as “the way two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected or the state of being connected.” Despite the current trend of doing it alone, relationships are pertinent to how we live. If it’s true our bodies mirror the world we live in, then our bodies serve as proof a single cell can’t function on its own. Nerves respond in relation to the signals received from our brains: a relationship. Our senses tie us into relationship with how we perceive the world. A sound or smell can trigger a memory of a joyful touch or beautiful vision we experienced (I could have gone with an unpleasant thought but who wants to deal with a Complaining Carole all the Political relationships help establish peace or encourage war. Work relationships can either hinder or help a company.

Public, Private or Purposed, relationships are pivotal to how we live. With the holiday season upon us, Ads are heightened with sales open to the public or private sales for VIP members only all purposed to make you spend with a byproduct of tapping into the collective emotions of the holiday. We all long to be valued whether it’s at work, home, or our crafts using our relationships are one of the barometers we use to identify worth. Taking from the ads, some of us seek relationships that are open to the public in that we want to be seen with a partner; identified as “claimed”. Not quite seeking the value of a genuine relationship rather seeking the approval of those around us.

Then we have those of us who seek a private relationship believing if it’s kept quietly, not secretly, amongst a trusted few then the VIP benefits are endless in that the relationship is not subject to sabotage or susceptible to the antics most public relationships are. Private is not a running away from being connected; it’s more of an allotting sacred space to cement the bond that’s being developed. As sales are purposed to yield financial gains, relationships are purposed to better humanity. Currently on my Spotify playlist is Anthony Brown’s song, WORTH, - “You thought I was to die for🎶🎶 “It’s a visual which instills an inconceivable concept for a relationship. A public display of letting go of something extremely special to secure a private connection which is purposed.

There are days when moving in Faith will require public expressions of a private dream long before the comfort level of doing so kicks in. Do it anyway! For, Faith too is a relationship whether Public or Private, purposed to move you out of limits and into your dreams.


Faith is knowing there's a Divine power who values your purpose and will publicly walk with you to achieve a private dream.- Leslie Biamby

Faith is knowing there's a Divine power who values your purpose and will publicly walk with you to achieve a private dream.- Leslie Biamby