Think Small

Many motivational coaches and trainers might often tell you to think big. Even those who've achieved great success might advise you to think big. Trust me, I am not here to come against that. When you allow yourself to consider the magnitude of the Universe we live in, comprehending why you're encouraged to think bigger makes perfect sense. 

Yet, for today, the suggestion is to "Think Small." Yes, there's power in items that are small. Your doubt is protruding all the way here. Consider this then- if small has no impact, then try going to bed with a mosquito. If small is without merit, why was it compared to the kingdom of God. If small is not a considerable option, then how about the one sperm which develops into human form. Last but definitely not least, if small has no weight,  then how does a mustard sized seed Faith move mountains. 

Thinking small doesn't mean letting go of Big Goals rather it means to allow room for growth.  Allow room for divine intervention.  Allow room for a natural process to come forth. Often, rushing to do big things can impede the lesson we're meant to learn. Anchoring your thoughts in the mindset of being purpose driven may keep you from the nuggets you may pick up while being process driven.

Thinking small is about the process.  The process of laying something into the hands of a higher power. Look at the sperm- it's laid in an egg but the process is all divine in how the final outcome shall be. A friend opened my mind to seeing how Jesus took 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and fed the multitude. It was His hands in the process that took something small and made it bigger than one could imagine.  Marianne Williamson says, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. " Being powerful beyond measure is the crippling thought that pops up when life coaches prod us to think big. "What if it's not big enough?" What if being powerful beyond measure alienates us from our families/friends?" Faith tells you to think small and bring your little bit to God; The expert of making mountains out of molehills. Faith tells you to not lay unrealistic expectations on yourself but to lay all your expectations in a power that's unmatched with any other.