Winning Circle

Something about winning is exciting. Aside from the obvious, winning is a catchy spirit. People love winners! They love to say I'm connected to that person who collects a prize or overcomes or a receiver of commendations. "Not true" you say?? Find the office pools with coworkers who came together attempting to win the recent Powerball holding 1.3 Billion dollars in the pot. They will attest to their willingness of joining their non-favorable coworkers in hopes to get a win.

What people won’t attest to however is the work behind winning. Rarely is the actual definition of winning discussed which is “gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition” Last I checked to gain or even obtain a result in something, an input and/or effort was applied to something. Even the office pool, had co-workers who applied their dollars toward a pot. A race has runners applying energy in hopes of gaining a win. Teachers create a lesson plan wanting their students to gain the objective of the lesson. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, there’s a level of competition within us all; even if our opponent is who we were yesterday. Waking up to a new day is a win and sometimes we have to push ourselves to fully embrace that win. We have to look beyond always being on display as a sign of victory.

Patrick Swayze stated, “Winning is not giving up no matter what is thrown at me, I can take it. And, I can keep going.” Winning is similar to Faith; learning how to push through whatever you’re facing without caving to what others dictate your end point should be. And, how does this apply to a winning circle if one is solely concerned with their own plights? Ahhhh…. A winning circle doesn’t mean a circle of people who fan your ego or values- that would be a performer and its audience. A winning circle is a group of individuals who can respect the differences of their group and intentionally work together to achieve a goal. Schools, Faith Based establishments, Community Based programs, Fraternities/Sororities are a few examples of winning circles. These groups have an overall agenda of serving, teaching and building individuals and/or groups.

Because winning is not a one-time thing, the best advice is to place yourself in a winning circle. Place yourself around the doers, the thinkers, the planners, the movers, the shakers, the believers, the encouragers, the “Faithers”- The ones who’ve discovered winning is a constant working and pushing through. Teachers, Mentors, Priests, Preachers, Rabbis and other leaders in winning circles know the importance and difference of getting in the game and sitting on the side lines.  Recently, a salesman shared how Amazon is an engine of buyers while Google is an engine of browsers! Yep, it hit my spirit too. Buyers and Browsers; these are two major search engines with two very different purposes. I’ve used both and he is absolutely correct. Amazon jumps in to mind when I’m considering a purchase; I’m actively engaged to act whereas Google is a go to for browsing items, looking for latest trends and basically being a passive participant.

 Yet, if winning is on your timetable then you might want to log on to the private domain of Faith’s website and click your Amazon tab to buy into the fact that the substance you’re hoping for has to be activated by your works. It’s not a time to access a public domain such as Google where the search engine is filled with browsers looking and being passive participants in your Faith. Like Amazon, you need buyers like you willing to invest in your Faith by encouraging you to keep going, encouraging you to keep the mindset of winning as an active exercise of manifesting your faith. It is a continual process of active engagement toward the promises of God. It is an ongoing effort towards working on achieving your goals and remaining in an environment which encourages you to keep walking in faith.  

Engage yourself in Winning Circles👠👠👠

Engage yourself in Winning Circles👠👠👠