More than feeling Myself

If Jimmy Choos adorned my feet consistently like Nicki Minaj or Giuseppe Zanotti’s on Beyoncé, I too would be “Feeling Myself” And, if my agenda consisted of Maui, Maybachs and Mac deals at my disposable, most definitely, I’d be doing somersaults in my own heels singing, “Feeling Myself!” Surely, these two ladies didn’t create a narrative to simply highlight their assets as a definition for what it takes to “feel yourself”. As women we look for things to help us feel confident rather than aiming at finding ways to being confident. Choosing to Cherish ourselves is a way in becoming confident. 

First, the objective is to tweak how we gauge our self-worth. Opt not to rely on external things that are temporary. When you cherish yourself, you're deciding to serve yourself first and foremost. Recognize the M’s to focus on are Mercy and Miracles. Mercy affords you a daily opportunity to appreciate the Divine force that fuels your lungs to breathe, affords you chances at living totally.  Miracles lie at your fingertips continually as they exist the greatness of the universe through your senses. Feel the warmth of the sun against your skin, smell the roses, hear the sounds of the environment around you and taste the range of nature from the foods you eat. Not everyone receives these chances.  Be the supplier of the voids which demand much of your attention. Don’t wait for a stranger to call you beautiful. What is wrong with looking in the mirror and admiring what God chose? What is wrong with being satisfied with a path that God chose? Surely, not being able to reach the destination divinely mapped for you based on self-imposed timelines  is not a reason to support the world which is filled with definitions of what you're not.  Search the God's Word which is filled with numerous things you are!

You are Splendor.

You are Majestic.  

You are a Gift valued far above rubies. 

You are Abundant

You are Gifted,Guided and Godly made.

Cherish Yourself- by first serving yourself with care, with the spiritual nutrients that feed our emotional and physical beings. Robin Williams, a phenomenal comedian, is proof materialistic riches are not enough to sustain you. Serve yourself with kindness, compassion and a gentleness that gives you permission to express the range of emotions from which we were created. From pain to joy every moment counts when we accept them as they are.

Cherish yourself by making it your mission to build yourself especially when others want to break you down. Say thank you to each opposing force and take heed that a glow stick had to be broken for it to shine. Build your mental capital with supportive people. Note: Supportive doesn’t mean you have a “Yes” crowd. Supportive means there are people around you who see your giftedness and can caution you when you’re on a path that won’t reflect it. Supportive people let you know your toe is hanging out of your shoe and it doesn’t look cute. They make sure you’re bringing your A game to all situations. Build yourself with people who see the ratchet girl dwelling within some of us toggling between “Feeling Myself” & learning how to Cherish Herself; the right people around will help you unlock limited thinking and lock up restricting mindsets.

When you know it's more to Feeling Yourself👠👠👠

When you know it's more to Feeling Yourself👠👠👠