Fired Up

You know quality time is the best gift ever and recently my friends have decided that I am worthy of theirs and have filled my schedule with a variety of hang time. There were sauna moments, dining moments, shopping moments and alot of laid back chilling moments. What made these moments the best ever was the intentional focus on "FaceTime" and I'm not talking about Apple's either. 

We laughed,  we shared, we released a few liquid prayers aka tears and fed our souls. Delighted by the opportunity to still have sleepovers and carefree time, one of my fellowship moments was pure tv time and chill... (Note: not Netflix lol) Thank goodness this was one of my Sisterfriends who got lost when watching tv like me. And, we both got lost in this movie titled Fire with Fire. 

This action packed movie grabbed our attention as firefighter (played by Josh Duhamel) witnesses his friend and his son getting killed by a sociopath... Let's speed up to he now joins a witness protection program where he starts to fall for his body guard (Rosario Dawson). During their "getting to know each other moments" (Some of these plots are predictable by now) Josh starts explaining how he feels about fires and people in them because of course Rosario Dawson is probing wanting to know is there more to it than hot bodies and having hot chicks at their disposal. 

Familiar with the reputation,  he smiles then states he's trained on getting in and out of places. But, dealing with people in fires, "I go in and get them to focus on me" As long as they focus on me they don't have to worry about finding the escape because that's my job. I know how to get out the burning room. The problem is some people get stuck. They see the flames and feel like there's no way out and some people rather stay in the fire as it's there way of not having to face some things. This resonated with me because it's similar to that moment when the disciples were in a storm on a boat and Peter started to panic when  he realized he was walking on water towards Jesus. He asked for what he was already a recipient of - Divine Assistance. Jesus was there with him yet because the process blew his mind, he discounted its value. 

It makes you wonder how many times have we ignored divine assistance or intervention because we don't give credence to how it comes. Such as someone coming out of the blue to give you a blessing but you can't receive it because you're trying to figure out how  they know you needed what they came to  you with. 

If , Josh Duhamel,  I forgot the actual character's name in the movie, can convince you to come out of a fire just by focusing on him (remember he's speaking for the firefighters). Why is it so hard to to focus on God with the fires that come our way. Because we have spiritual amnesia; we choose to broadcast our plights instead of plugging into our purpose. 

 Decide in Faith that success is greater than your scary stories and: move forward. Get fired up about your passions instead of your problems. Expect challenges but Expect God to be greater than them all sort of like the child whose chest puffs up when their parent enters a room. Get Fired up for your successes on the way.

S : See your goal

U: Understand the obstacles

C: Create a mental picture

C: Clear your mind of doubt (from yourself and others)

E: Embrace Challenges

S: Stay on Track

S: Share- Because you have demonstrated you can do it.