Let it Go Let it Go

By now Disney's Frozen movie theme song, "Let it Go" has surpassed it's $1 billion mark at the global office. Winning more than two Academy awards, it has become such a phenomenon that it is sung globally in a variety of languages. As a parent to a Frozen fiend, "Let it Go" might be one of your annoyances right now...lol. Three years later, Frozen has not thawed out. So much so CNN researchers asked psychologists to help identify what is with the "Let it go" anthem and were told most children  respond to it because they say it makes them feel happy and free. 

With 2016 underway should we weave Frozen's anthem Let it Go into our days? Should we imagine a reset button telling us to forget the pretenses which confines our true purpose to live authentically rather than being "the good girl we're supposed to be? After all Faith is about letting go....FAITH is about suspending the thinking of limitations and grasping the thoughts of possibilities long before the endorsements and support of family and friends. It is the active process of letting go the precepts that keep you from fully being who you can be such as being too young to adequately handle life or too old to pursue something new. 

Faith is knowing We don't have the capacity to limit God. In the bible it's said even the pits of hell can't stop God from being with you so why consider small spaces limits for God or chaotic places limits for God or even cluttered places limiting God. What we limit is our capability to see God working in our lives by living in definitions and societal expectations instead of being open to changes, variations and untapped resources. We limit seeing what God is doing by blinding ourselves to a particular vision rather than being open to how God can move in our lives.  Faith knows it's not our job to figure out how it's going to happen. It's our job to believe it will happen.

 As Elsa sang through the messages she struggled with, "Don't let them in, don't let them know...Conceal, don't feel..", She put Faith in practice and started being aware of how distance made every thing seem small. By stepping away from mental constraints we let go of physical handicaps such as procrastination and indecision. The energy to be active and engaged is refueled therefore moving us forward in being present in our living. Faith is an active exercise of surrender. It's releasing our need to control every single detail of our lives.

Your Faith heels is actually a tangible way of showing God you know He has your best interest at heart. You're proving that you can do more than giving lip service. You can walk the walk and you can remix Elsa's ending by singing🎤

"Let it go, let it go 

And, I'll rise to the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone! 

Here I stand

In the light of day  


Because God has my back anyway