Dauntless Gait

“Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death”- Earl Wilson

Let's be honest- Life has moments that scare us out of our wits! It's not always the roller coaster rides at an amusement park that warrants a few screams. It can be those moments when a lover's betrayal can land you in unforeseen circumstances such as homelessness, bankruptcy, terminal diseases, domestic violence shelters... What ever it may be, some turns we take in life can lead us into moments seemingly uncharacteristic of who we are and definitely ill prepared (that's why we want to scream) 

For one to tell us to find courage or sum up a Faith that is tinier in size than a penny, can be insulting in moments when one is simply contemplating keeping shut the eyes God allowed us to open. The betrayal of a friend, a sibling or even of our own selves appear so overwhelming that even the hint of light appears to be a burning into our wounds instead of an avenue to build a bridge out of our circumstances. 

But, Faith is more than talking a talk! It is being able to crawl towards something better in those moments you feel you can't step to. It's a learning experience where you discover plots do expire and those who've schemed eventually become exposed. Issues wane when you embrace every aspect of life shall happen and Grace will always follow where Mercy paved ways. Favor awaits those who decide to appreciate every moment of their trials for along the trails of the ups and down are where God remains constant. 

Be diligent and dauntless in your pursuits remembering you were born with two feet and not an anchor on the bottom of your being. Nothing can keep you down unless you give it the power.