Why sit when you can stand

Recently,  I stood all day volunteering. My feet grew weary, my legs picked up a new type of ache mixed with numbness and each time I saw a chair, I still passed the opportunity to sit. Sitting would tease me with a misleading comfort; the temporary relief would woo me into forgetting I still had to stand. I still had a purpose to complete. Sitting would invite my fatigue to a sleep that would have further aggravated me instead of boosting my energy. 

As, I wrestled with should I sit or continue standing, I began to consider all those times my friends have stood in the gap for me or stood in support of me or stood up for me and those times when they simply stood with me. Their legs must have ached as much as mine. Yet, I wouldn't know because they never shared their woes nor did they whine of their uncomfortable situations.  They simply stood. What would happen if they opted to sit this one out. What would happen if they chose to not walk over and stand with/for me? I'm glad I can testify it's not something I've had to wonder about often. For every time one friend might have "disappointed" me, God surely sent another one in to keep me propped up. Sort of the way He has stood with me all my life.

God stood with me in Faith long before I could even come to terms with cultivating it for myself.  I shudder at the thought of where would I be, if he chose to sit. So when moments present themselves for me to extend kindness or compassion,  I ask myself why sit when I can stand especially,  in a pair of cute heels👠👠👠