In High Places

Part of seeking success is wanting to be in a high position or being placed in a posture where the access to a better life is afforded. Christians often talk about God providing favor from high places in addition to being loved from high places.... Our heels also promote being in high places check out the following quote, "Why be a flat in a world of stillettos?" One would want to know what's really going in these high places. For instance high heels it's said the added height implies authority; the forced erect posture exudes a confidence declaring I'm here.

High places biblically, imply it's a spiritual realm above where God and Angels reside. A space where tangibly existing items can't really survive yet, the power of supernatural forces are strengthened as well as formed to exceed in the natural flow of our day to day routines. High places often referenced as the living quarters of Grace, Mercy, Favor, God's mind, His thoughts and imagination seem to be an interesting neighborhood to live in. But, it's a gated community  ( an unintentional pun😊) of which access is based on a credit score of Faith plus ample references from Love.

Let's not be quick to fall for the romanticism of high places for High places can be visited by wicked forces as well- Ephesians 6:12 states "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high Places ” There you have it, a spiritual warfare in high places that trickles into our lives. Such as those inexplicable moments of hostility and madness which occurs in society often planting a seed doubt that will have us question where is God. Jesus did it! Yes, he questioned God in the garden asking, Are you sure you really want me to take this cup? His cup was death for God's overall purpose. Your cup might be something else. Jesus followed through out of Faith. He believed there was something in the High places he had yet to see. 

Just remember as you pursue the "High Places" in your life, challenges will test you....messiness might ensue "just because" But, the fact that you chose to operate in Faith and have set your love upon a deeper force, God promises to set you on high (a protective space He has allocated). Because you have decided to know God’s name as a strong tower,  He will answer you, be with you in trouble, deliver you from trials, and honour you. It's a promise you can quote from Psalm 91:14-15. Faith is knowing God works with the misguided and offers direction and redemption. And when redemption plays a key role in the narrative, we don’t have to run from the things we can’t explain, the things that terrify and confuse us. We can approach them with wisdom and grace, facing them head on knowing as we desire to walk In High places, we’re not expected to understand instantly the challenges we face. We're simply expected to operate in Faith 👠👠👠