When people hear the word pain, there's an automatic thinking of discomfort and/or a melee of physical suffering with agony. Pain rarely gets the reception Joy does and why would it?

Well, why wouldn't it?  

Many imply pain as the catalyst for change. Athletes endure long and painful training to achieve championships. Artists mask the pain of sleepless nights to record hit records, paint masterpieces or endure 20 hour rehearsals to give stellar performances. Let's be honest we endure pain when we want to break in our favorite pair of heels🙈.

But, whyyyyy are we so resistant to having to deal with pain when it's designed to cultivate our Faith. After all God did say we should count it all joy... Right???  Truth is no one wants to hear that when their world is caving. Recognizing you're able to see your world caving because YOU ARE ACTUALLY STANDING is the hardest thing to do. It might be easier to focus on the pieces falling at your feet as it can be a license to assign blame on others and even place blame on God. 

P: Perseverance

A: Amidst 

I: Intentional  

N: Nuances  

 Many like to share the proverb of the caterpillar,  you know the one that says "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly." Has anyone ever studied how said caterpillar became said butterfly? Of course I dug a little deeper. First the caterpillar hangs upside-down & curls itself into a J shape (👀Joy). I'm sure you recognize the position- the same one you make when you curl over holding your belly overwhelmed in pain or sorrow. The one that seems natural almost fetal like looking for relief and not thinking of Joy.  

Then it starts transforming with its thin skin from the inside. Let's stop right there. We know "thin-skinned" is generally considered as one with hypersensitivity. One who can't handle much criticism.  Yet, for the caterpillar the thin-skinned is the point of transformation where insecurities are running rampant. Yet, this is the point where said caterpillar has Faith enough to persevere amidst  (God’s) intentional nuances. Within said caterpillar the autopilot gear kicks in and it goes inward to deal with the changes.

It has yet to know it will have wings to fly. For if it did, I'm almost positive said caterpillar would've sped through the process of crawling to expedite its ability to take flight. Instead, said caterpillar operated in Faith and grew through the pain. Said caterpillar confidently worked from the inside as if he/she had to prepare for its end while God worked from His side knowing the transformation would lead to a new beginning. All said caterpillar did was crawl in Faith towards the pain and God supplied the gain. The reason for the acronym is to see pain as a temporary. Pain doesn't last forever;  giving up does. 


Pain can be a healing agent, if you're willing to walk it in Faith. 

Pain can be a healing agent, if you're willing to walk it in Faith.