Pain.... Again ๐Ÿ‘€

You must like pain?", is what I  can hear you saying in my head as I continue this P.A.I.N subject. And, if you must know, I'll confess the only pain I actually enjoy such as muscle pain after a workout which indicates that something untouched is being worked on. Otherwise, pain and I aren't friends. However, P.A.I.N seems to be Godโ€™s ally and choice teaching tool. 

Remember last time, I shared P.A.I.N as an acronym to assist you in seeing the positivity in it. By no means was it a way to deflect from its realities. Pain hurts! Pain will feel greater than a nuance as you're experiencing it. Pain will feel unbearable at times yet pain management experts emerge to show PAIN is manageable. 

P- Perseverance A- Amidst I- Intentional N- Nuances

Look at the water crisis going on in Flint Michigan where the water system was poisoned and not addressed by those in "authority". How does one even begin to tell those people God was intentional in this scenario? You don't!!! God may bend us to stretch us but He's not willing to break us to prove His power. But.. Yes, there's a "but" God will have you see PAIN as a time for HIM to show you His power, a time for him to take what was meant for evil and turn it around for your good. 

P- Power

A- Affirmed

I- In

N- Necessity

In PAIN we become focused. Pain helps us see the situation at hand that must be resolved in order for us to move forward. In Flint Michigan, there's a need for clean water. Water is necessary for life. The local government has not tried to resolve the issue at hand. (Now is not the time to start the discussion on Genocide/Racism; that would prompt at least four more blog posts on PAIN)  So how can this PAIN be managed? For now this community needs clean water and while it's a "No Brainer" to most of us, those right up close and personal are crippled to that response. But, God knows how to affirm His power by using the unlikely sources as an answer. When you pull the people that mainstream rejects such as rappers and our young leaders, to be one of the answers to a need, God is showing off and affirming His power.  God is responding by saying take this PAIN and P.ush, A.side, I.nsignificant, N.onsense that will work against your healing and your growth. God is not concerned with what society is saying about rappers or black women. Jayceon Taylor aka The Game has donated $500K of clean water and got a commitment from Avita water company to donate $500K of bottled water as well. He challenged other celebrities to be an active change agent rather than actively Talking about change. Put Aside Insignificant Nonsense and jump into resolution mode. Karen Civil, a young Haitian-American female media mogul on the rise also shared an Instagram pic of her loading her shopping cart to send water as well to Flint Michigan. 

It all leads back to the knowing there's a purpose in pain albeit to get personal, collective, national, and/or global attention. Pain will grab your attention like nothing else& it will force you to stop and look at some things you might not want to deal with. Faith, on the other hand, helps you see the things that appear impossible and urges you to throw it in God's hands rather than trying to deal with it on your own. In Pain, tears will formulate. Some may reach the gate of your eyelids and sit while some will roll down your face. In Pain, also lies sweat from panic or from an attempt to resolve it. Jesse Jackson said this once, " Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy Sweat will get you change" The tears of the community in Flint Michigan got God's attention and the sweat of our youth ushered in the beginning of change. When you're walking in Faith, the results to your challenges will come from where God deems the best source.