No Free Zone

Though many of us enjoy "free ninety-nine" from time to time, walking in Faith is not free! Let's get that out of the way. As one who loves to see the glass as half full vs. half empty, the reality remains there's a cost to Faith. The mustard seed might indicate it's not much but, it still indicates it's not free! 

Grace is free

Mercy is free

Favor is free

But Faith👠👠👠 is a NO FREE ZONE! Like all relationships requiring effort to grow, God requests Faith on our part. Yet, unlike most relationships God isn't vague with what is needed and how much is needed. There are no innuendos waiting to be figured out. It's clear- "Place a tidbit trust in me and watch me work it out with you." -God. 

And, it's  the "work it out with you" most are afraid of because He does say Faith without works is dead. The fear of "dead", "over", "finito" cripples many long before the Faith in God's assistance can even take place. God, yes, the Supreme being that sustains breath and keeps the earth balanced on its axis is minimized in our thinking when we opt to give credibility to the doubts tapping our thoughts instead of sliding behind the wheel and driving in Faith towards the desires we've imagined with God in the passenger seat.

Our times are so enthralled with seeking discounts and what we can get for free, we run to the "happy hour"  of intoxication instead of creating an hour of intention towards building our Faith. "How do you do that?" I hear the whisper of hope asking through your ambiguity...speaking a little louder than the thoughts drowned by your inebriated consciousness. You work your Faith by starting with a simple declaration,  "Are you there God? It's me!" As rhetorical as it may sound, it's an acknowledgement of recognizing though I've ignored the many times you've saved me, looked out and kept me, I'm here today grateful with you there's no backlash for my absence. Fortunately,  this is where Mercy is free.

But, Faith is a No Free Zone! You have to be willing to take steps, walk towards& even move some pieces out of the way in order to see dreams come to fruition. You can't imagine a degree and it appears. You can't imagine a family and the members pop up. You can't imagine seeing the world and it slides through your window or in your "DMs" as social media terms will tell you. Faith ain't free! Faith takes work! Faith comes with divine assistance and not with the free ninety-nine deal. You can clearly hear the Angels humming,  Yes, you're perfect🎤You're always worth it🎶🎶and you earned it🎶🎶Because you Faithed it🎺🎶🎶 (using The Weekend's melody as I am the unofficial remix queen👑🙈).