Get in Formation

Formation- 1. the action of forming or process of being formed. 2. a structure or arrangement of something.  Yes, formation is more than the title to Beyoncé's new single. It's a derivative of the Latin word fōrmātiō equivalent to format: a basis or template. Hmmm, so what does this have to do with faith, with heels, with a personal walk? A whole lot!! If one song's video and performance can spark such a global uproar on hidden messages, women empowerment, social issues, and historical/political movements in addition to, continuing a conversation on racial divide, then it's only natural that the actual definition is highlighted before "Formation" becomes a new coined phrase losing its actually meaning.  

When you're facing challenges, you're in a process of being formed. And, Challenges vary. Some we go through alone some we face as a team or as a unit. There are times when you’re the only voice of reason in a room full of egos, personal agendas and ignorance which can be draining. To consistently be the one longing to live beyond the pompous circumstances doesn't gain much popularity albeit in a room full of teachers, amongst fellow officers or even between peers. Those moments are forming. They assist you in coming into your own being. One would say these are what separate the men from boys& the women from girls. Clearly, challenges are a format for growth if you approach it with that type of attitude.

Faith is your tool to grow through these adverse conditions. Faith triggers you to find scriptures, mantras, songs or something identifiable to encourage you.. to also distract you from the heaviness of your plight. Because we see God as an Image and not a tangible go to, Faith runs the risk of being a wayward feeling. Let's be honest, we're wayward with the Faith we place in folks we see and touch. Dare I even mention the lack of Faith we hold for our own reflection we look at daily in the mirror. 

Beyoncé shares she has hot sauce in her bag- Swag! But, God sent his son Jesus to carry a cross on his back and we still resist "Formation". We still resist placing the tiniest of trust in a supreme being to really Swag!!! Instead, we choose to sit on definitions of perfection rather than realizing God chose a colorful group of people to serve him. He called a murderer, a thief, a harlot...He invented surrogacy with Mary and Joseph. He made an adulterer king. He allowed Job, His most faithful servant to face the greatest adversity... Maybe highlighting these isn't a great way to win you over but it doesn't make sense to sugar coat the realities of a force that knows about our day to day challenges. Having Faith is knowing God is meeting you in your pain, in your pleasure, in your art, in your career,  in your studies, in your family, in your relationships, in your space of choice because the true formation is about development and journeying along this life without fear but with a power nestled in Faith👠👠👠