Sin Stained

There goes that S” word no one wants to discuss. Everyone has their own views and judgement towards it. "Saints" & Sinners always have a reaction when it is mentioned. All the while forgetting the biblical verse indicating, “No one is righteous— not even one." Yes, “not even one"...meaning we are all Sin stained! This pulls the rug from those who use religion as a podium to be judgmental and/or using religion as a manipulation module. Sin from God's perspective is not placed on a scale to gauge whose sin weighs more than the other. Sin is the automatic given that we are all flawed and will fall short. 

Sin informs us that imperfection doesn't negate or exempt anyone from having access to a sovereign relationship; lack of Faith does. Lacking faith puts the reigns on believing there's a special plan for us! We're so bent on robbing ourselves by competing &comparing we forget we were created for building and sharing. We use "sin" as a hindering tool to keep us from connecting with others because "independence" is the new order of our times. “I don’t need him!” “I don’t need her.” “I came in this world all by myself & I’m going to die all by myself” – a few of the phrases we use to affirm our being independent. And, when we can’t hide behind independence clauses any longer we go to the next best thing picking each other apart. Choosing to highlight the flaws of others deflects us from seeing the flaws we possess. Case in point, everyone made a big deal about Cam Newton doing the dab, a dance move, in the end zone but, celebrated in the Super Bowl when the Broncos did the same thing. Many were mad at Carmelo Anthony defending his wife's honor at a basketball game yet, let it slide that Arnold Schwarzenegger housed his mistress Patty as a housekeeper for him and his wife 👀.

If it doesn't come in the packaging we're expecting, we refute it. Instead of activating our Faith and believing there is a good purpose designed for us, we opt to play a victim’s mentality with God by throwing our Sin in His face. NEWSFLASH: He created us in Sin! The reverse psychology we try to use is funny. It’s like guys (and gals too) getting mad at being caught in a lie so they get mad at us to avoid the matter they don’t want to face. You can’t use sin as a reason to not trust God. You can’t use your shortcomings as a reason to not trust God. You can’t use your excuses as a reason to not trust God. Just know your being Sin-stained allows God the “privilege” to sustain you.