Dear Faith

Have you ever felt like the challenges you’re currently facing is beyond detrimental and clichéd responses just won't cut it? Someone telling you to have Faith while you’re saying to yourself what action items does Faith have? You’re not the only one. See letter below

Dear Faith, 

I'm going to skip the cute greetings& get straight to the point. How am I supposed to find the tiniest of mind energy and apply it to trusting a source I can't see? Do you know what it's like dealing with infidelity or addiction? Have you ever been falsely accused then trialed and sentenced all in one breath? Can you even imagine having fingers on a trigger waiting to pull back because everything around you is dark and you're desperately trying to see the light so many brag about? Yes, Faith (sarcastic tone here) with your don't worry be happy anthem, how am I supposed to operate in faith when getting out of bed seems to be a huge challenge. Yes, Faith, how am I supposed to operate in faith when having a testimony is not my thing so I could really bypass some of your tests? Hmm, how am I supposed to "have faith" when I'm in a relationship out of convenience rather than the companionship?


Not trying to hear the hoop and hollas

Then Faith replied:  Dear Not trying to hear the hoop and hollas,  

Thank you for expressing your concerns. They definitely have not gone unnoticed. Unlike you who hasn't paid attention to how you EXPECT to wake up daily to meet your problems with a mindset of defeat. And you don’t pay attention to how you EXPECT to breathe daily even though you block it at times with worrying. But, my response is not to chastise you. It’s simply to get you to notice the same energy of expectation you're using to address and vent on your troubles could be the same energy you apply towards imagining an alternative solution. The first action item I would suggest is to keep away from those who offer constructive criticism yet, haven't constructed anything other than uncertainty, dismay and panic. The 2nd action item is simply writing a list of your expectations beyond the tough times. Then, figure out what "works" I need to accompany me. Contrary to what is said about me, I must be accompanied by works or I can die. If you're feeling depleted because of injustices, your "works" might entail being in an environment that feeds you with kind energy. If you're feeling like you're running out of time, know everyone is given one day at a time; it's only when you look back you can see the accumulation of those days.NO EXCEPTIONS to that disbursement- Rich, Poor, Black, White, Religious or Not- One day is given a time. Use your Expectation energy towards possibilities and less towards your problems

In Hope and Love,