Caged In

"“Bring me all your feelings, even the ones you wish you didn’t have. Fear and anxiety still plague you." This quote grabbed my attention from an article a friend shared because bad feelings, fear filled feelings, anxious feelings are more common than most would like to share. They plague us in ways we don’t really care to discuss for fear of judgement. How relieving it must be to receive an invitation asking one to cast away those "negative" help with those emotional spaces making us feel caged in when we're simply desiring closure.

It seems contradictory at times that Faith asks for a little while life hits us with so much. Yet, it appears Faith is a "closure" chaser. 

Closure Chaser? Yes!!! 

You know the saying  - "You can't get to a new chapter if you keep reading the old one?" Yep, that one. Close the last chapter and move on. When you apply Faith, you close the door on

1. No

2. Not working

3. Unsatisfactory 

4. Unhealthy  

and move toward discovering a

1. Yes,

2. Improved Solutions

3. Healthy

4. Functioning,  Prospering, Progressing... 

"How do you chase closure?"  You asked. Well, first remember what made you smile and frown in the previous chapter. Remembering helps you acknowledge the existence of a moment you had. Whether you like it or not, that moment formed you in some way. Allow yourself an opportunity to just be with those memories; they matter. Now that you're with your memories,  take 2 pieces of paper and jot down what made you smile and what made you sad. Do this without placing blame on either party. The blame game is just that- a game- and when you're working toward moving on reality must have priority. You wouldn't get mad at sour milk. You'd simply throw it out because it's no longer useful and ingesting it would be detrimental to your body. That same mindset ought to be adopted when the dynamics of our relationships, careers, and goals have to shift. 

Moving away from placing blame gives us the courage to face ourselves with fault finding. Finding faults will result in looking at how we could have avoided a "bad" situation. Walking in Faith is trusting ch. 1 had to end in order to get to ch. 2 and as much as you're going to enjoy the content of ch. 2, ch. 3 is waiting in the wings. That is why it's so vital to be fully present in each moment.  Enjoy it. Observe it. Hate it. Absorb it. Engage it. Most importantly, fully experience it. In doing so, it makes turning the pages to new experiences more amenable.