Love & Labels

Though many critics had their own share of opinions regarding Sex and the City, the writer and shoe lover in me was drawn to Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and even Charlotte.  Pieces of each one created a whole me; Samantha’s appetite for life and coloring, Miranda’s ability to love you as you are with her witty sarcasm, Charlotte’s desire to have a loving and neatly put together family and Carrie’s eye for fabulousness on her heels matched her creativity with words drawing you in the moment with her.  With time springing ahead, you would think I’d catch up on chores rather than sitting down and getting lost in this series marathon (AGAIN👀). Nope, I got caught up.

 Listening to Carrie’s narrative in each episode kept you abreast with what the sidebar items in the environment that we lose in our day to day living. Watching the marathon she mentions, “Love and Labels – what every girl comes to NY in search of. “ Hmm… Isn’t it always amazing the disparity from an outsider’s point of view compared to that of the one within a situation? New York in the 90’s was still labeled the third highest ranked city of reported crime cases. Police officers as well as social workers and substance abuse counselors were just processing how to handle the damages of crack cocaine and housing was not a hot commodity.  Yet, I was pulled into Carrie’s story…pulled into her dreams of seeking what she said every girl came to NY for “Love and Labels” (though I’m not much into labels, Love gets my vote all the time)

Back to Love and Labels...How is it we can be in a space where it seems so gloomy on the inside but the world only sees the potential and attributes. “Sex and the City” was thriving in the late 90s. It highlighted the relationship some women have with fashion, shoes, each other and the intimate ones – the ones we only share with our Bffs, our entrusted souls. It gave an hour distraction from the shooting at the Empire state. It gave a distraction to the societal discord and an outlet to believe in something different.

 Carrie mentioned, “Every year Girls” came to NY looking for Love& Labels. A place where they believed the answers were certain. Your strong desires to love and/or be loved will drive you to achieve the labels that fill you (not necessarily the designer ones) such as being labeled, “home owner, producer, best-selling author, designer, captain, doctor, esq., cpa, whatever it is that’s driving you amidst your search of “love and label” Your faith, your strong belief will get you there.