Her Story Her Heels- Karen

In January 2015, I asked God to help me to find a new job before the year ended. By December 2015, I was in a new job in a nicer office closer to home with a new assistant and a higher title. Within two months, my previous boss called me and asked me to come back.  Let’s say he made me an offer many would not refuse; basically a blank check that included administrative support and an even higher title then the job God had blessed me with in December.  

I had to rely on every ounce of what I believed in and everything I knew about my God to make my decision.  I first told myself that my God was not a God of chaos.   God would not give me an opportunity that would involve ruining my reputation in a field I worked hard to build for over 20 years.  I also believed that my God would not make me sever ties with my current employer knowing the conditions involved a friend who referred me that in turn would be disappointed and hurt.  After all, my friend who recommended me to the position would, of course, receive backlash for my rapid departure after 2 months of employment.

I spoke to many of my close friends and most importantly, I spoke with God.  For the past year I found myself relying on him more and praying more. I felt my spiritual development growing and I was not the same person I was a year ago. My spiritual transformation coupled with my new outlook on what happiness was, allowed me to refuse my previous boss’ offer with no hesitation. I told myself that I will no longer chase money looking for happiness, I will seek happiness and financial blessings will follow. This year has certainly taught me great lessons in the areas of achieving professional and personal growth and how nicely the two are intertwined into knowing and believing in God.  

My name is Karen and My Faith Heels is about total trust in God.


Total trust isn't an easy thing to do but, in doing so, I've learned it's worth it👠👠👠

Total trust isn't an easy thing to do but, in doing so, I've learned it's worth it👠👠👠