Don't you love it when Christians tell other  Christians, "You might be the only (bible, Jesus, church... insert whichever term you'd like here) people see."? Whether, they are expecting you to be sanctified, perfect, flawless, biblically profound, kind, loving, tolerant or whatever image one holds when they think of someone walking on a spiritual journey, there's a brand that comes with identifying yourself as a child of God. Nike has branded itself as the "Just Do It" master. They have subtly inferred by wearing their merchandise you'll put your reservations on hold and just do whatever it is your supposed to do. 

Sprite has branded itself as the one who quenches your thirst. The Olympics is known as the hub of elite atheletes coming together to represent their country. Big Bird is known as the peace maker of Sesame Street... Kermit and Miss Piggy have branded themselves as "couple goals" of the Muppets. 


Bill Gates is branded as the model billionaire. Apple is branded as the top in mobile devices... MAC cosmetics is branded as one of the go to for makeup. Are we getting the drift? Branding leaves a reputation... a visual recall when the item, person, merchandise and/or name is mentioned. Branding is not necessarily forced the way ad campaigns make you believe.  Branding shows up in your day to day living. If you're a racist, it peaks through in how you deal with people.  If you're a sexist it shows in whether or not you display gender specific expectations. And, if you're walking in Faith it shows in how you handle challenges. Yes, challenges because Faith is having hope when everything around you says otherwise. It's pushing through when the crowd is telling you to put that dream on an eternal hold. Branding your Faith at that point is not a rebuttal or exchange of words, rather it's a smile in the mirror and a smile at the doubters and a moving forward one step at a time allowing the results of your Faith to speak. It's knowing someone will look past your heels and see your walk.


Branding- the little bit of you that's left with people. It's how you're remembered.  It's how you've affected, inspired, encouraged, motivated,  upset, stirred and even activated them👠👠👠 

What's your Brand saying about you?