Stacked Against You

Why do we protest when rain comes knowing rain nourishes the seeds we've planted? We're very well aware harvest doesn't come in a dry season yet, most people frown at the mention of showers in the forecast. Personally, I find rain beautiful. The way the drops of water hit the window creating unmatched rhythm of nature's beautiful beat. The way the clouds dim the sunlight to a darkness that's more powerful than scary. Yep, I'm a fan😍. At least a fan of the real one not the metaphorical one we use to describe our troubles.

Understandably, I can see why some compare rain to problems such as the "raining on your parade". Who likes to get ready for fun in the sun and rcv rain...rather who plans for niceties and is excited at sight of disorder or mayhem. Isn't that what rain does👀 afterall, creating a mess in our nicely organized outdoor plans; stirring mud in areas we expected to remain solid enough for us to walk on. Yet, we overlook rain just like troubles affect our outside circumstances.

How so?  

Raindrops are beautiful when someone invites you inside to take cover and/o to dry off. It's easy to see the beauty of it. It hasn't made you uncomfortable. "Where's the inside to our troubles?" (I heard you loudly) You're inside is your mindset, your outlook, your disposition, your faith, your thoughts! Those can't be touched by your troubles, by racism, by heartbreaks, by illnesses, by challenged finances, by disappointments,  by betrayals, by the things life will throw our way.

Your thoughts can change your perspective from, "Oh my God, they're stacked against me" to "Wow, God you've established an audience to watch you work." Your thoughts can give you the words to talk out your feelings... get it out and either watch the beauty of the rain as it comes down or help you engage in something else while the mayhem passes. Just as the sun doesn’t shine forever, the rain comes to nourish and quench before it leaves. Same goes for your good and bad days. Your bad days are designed to nourish your Faith. It's true!! They help you put your Faith into practice. They reveal your level of trust in the power you know is higher than all powers. Trouble moves you from simply talking the talk and gives you an opportunity to walk the walk regardless who or what may be stacked against you👠👠👠