Side Step

Recently, I started following "Awesomely Luvie" on Facebook who’s self- described as the wacky wordsmith, side eye sorceress, foolery enthusiast, shoe fiend, travel junkie and professional troublemaker. She is funny, she verbalize thoughts many of us think and makes you laugh along the way. Reading her posts and identifying exactly where she’s coming from, I realized I too, belong to the ‘Side –eye Sorceress” tribe.  Our “shoe-fiend” connection is a no brainer but the Side Eye Sorceress??? Well, I had to admit it, “I do judge!” My eyebrows go up at what "I" consider foolery, such as pants that are belted at the knees, mean girls, people who've traded talking for texting and my faded eyebrows especially tilt at people who walk in the spirit of "liftedness"; those individuals who think they are too good for the air they breathe and the one you do too😂.

Obviously,  having Faith and loving God has not stopped me from forming opinions and conclusions on people 👀 (🙈) "I'm still a work in progress ".  You would think being a victim of judgement would prevent me from questioning motives, drawing conclusions and stepping away from the behaviors that hurt. On the contrary, being on the receiving end of opinions, assumptions and judgement subtly taught me how to do just that- Judge!!! I had a front seat in class &many homework assignments graded by tears and frustrations of being misunderstood. The reality was I did have faith but, I wasn’t allowing Faith to have me. Sidestepping the growth opportunities God placed in my life because judging became easier than standing in a space of judgement. Letting Faith have its way meant allowing the opinions and conclusions of others to wound me for humility to take root, so compassion can seep through and in order to show being spiritual doesn't exempt anyone from the idiosyncrasies of humanity. 

"How can you avoid sidestepping?", some of you ask. Learn from the side steppers; the ones who give just enough to be a bookmark. They're present in the spaces you left them, showing up only in those times when the crowd is giving you accolades avoiding you when you really need help and/or encouragement. Side steppers help you recognize real cheerleaders. Not the pom pom shaking, kick your feet in the air, cartwheel flipping type... recognize the cheerleader who without a request from you knew to give you a word of encouragement, say a prayer, supported you, spoke a good word on your behalf when you didn't expect it. Recognize them by being grateful. Don't look for ulterior motives when you see them for oftentimes you recognize the cheerleader in hindsight. They wanted to see you win because you allowed them to see humanity when you didn't side step the forgiveness lesson, they saw you when you didn't avoid the humiliating experience and walked in Faith.