It's been a minute. Instead of pushing through the flooded emotions of grief, I accepted the invitation of discouragement and pouted with my feelings. For a moment sadness came to revoke my passion as an advocate for Faith. Memories of the losses I faced attempted to retract my conviction of still hoping in the face of those things we have yet to see. Unlike love which charges you to move beyond the flaws you see, to accept the hand you've been dealt, to care genuinely despite your place of reference,  faith charges you to leap in expectation of the net appearing beyond the cliff. For a minute, "My feelings" became the biggest hindrance in accomplishing what I set out to do. "My feelings" became the source of my anxieties instead of being the solution to my concerns. 

Fatalities are a part of life. They are the unexpected moments we should expect at the most inopportune times. They are reminders of our powerlessness and gifting at the same time. An earthquake will rumble the ground we walk on indicating the foundations aren't as stable as we believe. Cancers and immune deficiency disorders will shut down a body leaving no space for a spirit to live without the biases of race, color, creed and/or cash content. Fatalities bring us to a "low" where our Faith resides. It brings us to a place where "Lord Only Works" (L.O.W). 

In your "Low" places is where the  miracles occur,  where the things you could not see emerge such as the baby who was found after 22 hours alive in the Nepal earthquake. In your "Low" places is where the community responds to a mother's pain of injustice. In your "Low" places is where your opinions, that which requires no knowledge but a conclusion driven on feelings is challenged to suspend all ego driven thoughts and exercise empathy. In your "LOW" places is where the wonder and resiliency of humanity occurs. And, more often than not it is the Fatalities of our lives that introduce us to "LOW" moments.