Don't Hurt Yourself

Ride or Die by Leslie Biamby 

Forget Me Not" pills in the am

to remember my self

Inflated ego attempting to go Six feet under


thrown under the bus

Chasing Validation

Stored in my man's pride

Behind the register

Of what we do

Ride or Die Girls

We have 99 problems but the Myth ain't one

Death before Letting Go

Our Mantra

We will Ride or Die trying to






Our man's shortcomings

Frying His Bacon in the pan

Dishonor to those failing to remind him he's a man

Pulled from his rib

Though not a piece of meat

We're Riding til his love comes down

And Dying cause it stays on the sheets

He loves me

He loves me not chants

Praying through 

The Forget me not rants

Of Prostituting Self worth

While Trading respect for shame

Ride or Die girl

You know the game

There will come a day when you might have to pull over and ask your ride or die to get out of your car. It isn't because you don't care but because you've realized your destination is worth living for. Faith is ushering you to new places allowing you to catch a glimpse of what's to come reminding you the power of "likes" is not greater than the power of legacy. Don't hurt yourself "Riding" because you can't see your Reaping season is only days away.