In My Mind

Silent and Stigmatized

I summoned courage to escort me as I knocked on your door

Standing in front of the peephole with my mask off

I heard your breathing standing motionless

You watched and stared losing your grip on  the handles 

Uninvited at your doorstep

Yet, you couldn’t muster up the planned empathy you normally share with the world

The Community wasn’t watching

So, there was no need to commune in unity with me

No interpreter nearby could translate the numerous voices in my head

Aware of the mania that came on Tuesday and Wednesday and any other day

it chose

to enter the doorway of my mental capacity

Uninvited at my doorstep

I stood motionless losing the grip of the handles at my fingertips

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Too many of us are caught up in the external results and experiences that we forget the true source of all starts internally. Mental illness affects us more than we care to admit. With violent outbursts from those not diagnosed and/or those diagnosed refusing to take their medication, mental illness is just as fatal as cancer. Yet, we get loud with the stigmas and silent with the resources and support. 

Like all things unaddressed, mental health challenges can grow rapidly and profusely leaving many casualties along the way. It's more than a mood that will pass. And, when you're walking in Faith you recognize access to all avenues that encourages and enables healing is the path to take. May is Mental health awareness month, opt to walk in awareness👠👠👠