Monkey Bars

While some of us are finding ways to enjoy the last weeks of summer, others are already starting classes or getting children ready for back to school mode. No more playground laughter or high pitched screams from tag or hide and go seek. Dwindling are the fights for the swings and the monkey bar hang time. Summer, as hot as she was is slowly caressing us with moderate breezes and early morning sun rises before she leaves us in the hands of fall.

Though her piercing temperature may cause you to long for colder days, memory fails to remind us that colder days last much longer than the heat. And, the "relief" we seek is harsher than the heat we're running from (excluding the winter lovers which for them it would be the reverse) Anywhooooo... we must learn to be mindful of wanting to rush through one experience because it's uncomfortable in order to get to another which might not be a better one. Just as we can go to the beach, pool, park and/or air conditioned malls (👀 malls?  Yes, whatever works.), we can find support or mechanisms to sustain us as we grow through changes. 

Take a deep breath during a crisis. Oxygen is great for your "mentals" as much as it is great for your body. Go for a walk even slow steps help pump blood to your heart. Find something to laugh at better yet find something about yourself to laugh it. See what you thought was so serious as actually comical such as a you thought you'd be a doctor and now you're a dancer. Laughter is an outlet we often overlook. It's free medicine to many of our ailments. 

Follow the method of the children on monkey bars; grabbing on and letting go in order to reach the other side. Watch children at a playground. It is the only place where many skill sets are learned yet left right there. You take reading skills with you. You take writing skills with you. The skills you grasp at home is also taken with you in your daily journey. Yet, those skills we apply at a playground we leave in the playground. Aside from the monkey bars, look at the children on swings. If one is stuck and can't tilt back...kick up their legs and go higher, another one will come behind them and push helping them get their bearings. They will argue at whose turn is it to go down a slide and make amends quickly so both can enjoy the ride. Some kids actually find alone time playing with sticks and writing in the ground being totally okay in that solitary space while others are running laughing and enjoying the moment. 

Faith asks you to apply the playground principles. Let go of what you know and grab on to where you're going. Encourage/assist someone else that needs a help you can offer. Take time to invest in yourself whether it's a class, a trip or a retreat it pays the best interest. Tell yourself daily you are an asset and not a liability. Let that thought marinate within you and soon you'll discover it's okay to say no... Soon you'll discover saying no brings value to your yes👠👠👠