The Faith Process

In this world you will have trouble!”(John 16:33b ICB). For those of us who won’t take heed to our parent’s advice, our friend’s advice or anyone else reminding us life is not a bed of roses, take note even Jesus indicated, trouble will come our way. And they all were right, weren’t they?

We all experience stress, household demands, deadlines, expectations and personal pressures ganging up on us. Sometimes, it's before we turn on the tv in the am or before stepping out of our homes and having to deal with racial biases, gender inequality, occupational demands and so forth. While taxes may have exemptions, it is clear, us humans aren’t afforded the exempt status from challenges and trials. NOT ONE! Yes, even the wealthy and/or the affluent have not managed to find a way to an exemption line of problems. Nope, they too can’t find answers in a pill, a possession, or a pleasure; maybe, a temporary distraction but not a total detour from trials. (Hmmm, even Jesus couldn't flip through trials& tests)

"In this world, you will have trouble!!" This is a divine warning. Just as those yellow hazardous signs pop up on the road as an indicator to use caution at certain junctures, "you will have trouble" is a memo to be prepared when trouble comes. Prepared??? Yes, Be Prepared (in my Scar voice from Lion King!!) Throwing a temper tantrum at the onsite of problems, blinds you to the solutions. ( sidebar: I'm currently working on my tantrums as soon as trials

Temper, Temper.gif

You ought to be up for some challenges as they either reveal where you are in terms of aptitude, attitude and altitude. You learn preparation is different than expectation. Expectation is planning for things, people or events. Preparation is having what you need if things, people or events occur. You plan menus and itineraries when you're having guests, parties and/or conferences. You prepare evacuation plans and exit strategies for fires, storms and natural disasters. 

  With, the Faith Process what you're being asked to prepare are your beliefs that trials will pass, they don't last and they're definitely a reference point for you in life's learning class. It really is learning to make the most of what you have. Many are in awe of Simone Biles right now, they are cheering her on and applauding her "Black Girl Magic". Yet, the crowd wasn't there to cheer her and her sister on when they were being removed from their drug addicted birth mom. The crowd wasn't there to even whisper, "You are Amazing Simone and are meant for great things." when she initially was sent to her grandfather's house and had to be acclimated to a new environment. At an early age, she was not exempt from trials. "In this world, you will have trouble." You will also have the option to have faith!

 The Faith process, unlike anything else that requires your all for improvement, asks that you find courage the size of a mustard seed and partner it with God. We weren't privy to a young girl's fears being taken away from her biological mom. However, we have the opportunity to see the results of Faith in her leaps, cartwheels, twists and turns. We have the opportunity of seeing what one step at time looks like after many steps. There may be some currently cheering you on and/or some jeering at you who are not privy to you laying your head each night in prayer...or your sacrificing corn for peas... or your pushing through pain in therapy just to get to wholeness. Take note, these are the very individuals being used to inspire you or motivate you to believe (mustard seed sized) as God, charged "You can tell the mountain to move and it will move" Your Faith Process requires believing and moving on that belief. It requires you placing an application for the job you BELIEVE you deserve. It is training for that race, you BELIEVE you can run. The Faith Process is about putting your actions where you are affirming.