What are you standing on?

There's this passage in the bible where Peter is walking on water towards Jesus who is standing on water. I've heard many sermons on how Peter began to sink when He took his focus off Jesus with the message being as long as your focus was on Jesus many feats could be accomplished. Yet, somehow I remained curious on what kept Jesus on the water. What relationship did He master? He stood on the water, called Peter and calmed the storm as well(supernatural multitasking at its best)

Often we are asked to believe in what seems like the impossible. We are charged to trust in situations we can't relate to. There are sons who are filling a hole in the earth leaving mothers and fathers with a hole in their heart that can't be filled and we are still charged to stand on faith regardless of the circumstances before us. When fleeing seems smarter than fighting, we are still told "faithing" is the answer.

Yes!!! Walk in Faith👠 That might be the best 🗝 to unlock the crises attempting to cripple you. Even if you have to apply Faith via proxy (leaning on someone else's) Remy Ma did it!! 👀 Remy Ma? YEP! She was at a peak in her career when she committed a crime out of "uncontrollable" anger. She served time as a consequence of her actions. Yet, her current husband/then fiancé believed in her and encouraged her during her time. He had the Faith she needed for her own self. Remy, came out of prison focused. She took constructive risks in terms of reality TV and resumed her rapping career. 

What she lacked as a standing ground, was supplied from her support system. Remy like Peter had to forego the thoughts keeping her from standing on water or she would sink. The choice was to focus on someone who believed in her when she wasn't fully equipped to believe in herself. Her then fiancé/now husband was standing on the metaphorical water multi-tasking; encouraging her, managing the storms he faced and maintain his own sanity. Whatever they were standing on definitely triggered a change in behavior. Remy's decision to refocus herself wholeheartedly on her career sparked new behaviors. The willingness in walking away from the chains that bound us can be the greatest gift of faith we offer ourselves. 


Walk away from the familiar to find the Blessings waiting for you in your future. Stand on the thoughts that guide you through the storms you face not the ones that drown you in them.