No Backsies

Friends have a way of getting you in jams you can't get out of. Some we welcome with open arms, others we ride along with for the sake of girl code/guy code. By the way, has anyone ever seen these official manuals ??? Moving on... lol Recently, a sister-friend convinced me to sign up with her for an upcoming 5K. Being that I completed a half marathon before, this was surely a great way to support my girl and get motivated to work out again (🙈I was on a fitness hiatus).

At first, I felt like I was a veteran and I didn't need to put in so much work. After all, it's only a 5K. Right? 


Wrong!!! My first day in the park was a quick reminder on the effects of going on a hiatus. The muscles in my body called a quick meeting and got a memo to my brain at lightning speed. The memo read, "We know you're happy about what we can produce but ummmm you have to join us for the process." I quickly attained the memo as it reminded me of the many times people were drawn and moved by a testimony yet distant and critical during the tests and trials. 

 It is good to be celebrated and encouraged at many of our achieved destinations. Yet whyyyyy are we so quick to look down on the developing stages. Rarely are the falls and fails obtained during the development stages of our Faith given much credit. That mom who had to find bail money for her son, or the single dad who had to work with cancer to raise his daughter were more likely met with criticism instead of compassion. Yet, they pushed through managing the pain to obtain the results necessary for a better outcome. 

Faith is having to become your own cheering crowd in crucial dark moments. It is believing when others are bashing. 

Applaud your trials w/the same energy the world will use to applause your triumphs 

Applaud your trials w/the same energy the world will use to applause your triumphs 

This past weekend during the VMAs Drake gave such a beautiful& heartwarming speech about Rihanna as a recipient of the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. His accolade and admiration of her drew the commentary "You have to go through your Chris Brown before you can find your Drake." Though many said it in jest, the message is one of honesty and clarity. 

1. You can't let your past deprive you of what the future holds.  

2. Perhaps "bad" things occur to build appreciation for the "good" things. 

3. Don't allow doubts to derail you from destined places. 

4. Looking Back and forward can't be done simultaneously. 

Even though I completed a half marathon before, looking back isn't useful during my current training. Getting caught up in the negative talk of it's not the same, it's not as intense is not conducive to preparing for what lies in front of me. In Faith, I choose to not look back. In Faith, I choose to strengthen my endurance for this race that lies before me. Tomorrow starts a new month, and a new Faith let God start a new thing with, in, through and from you. Don't look back to those things that are holding you.