Hand Me Downs

Hurt individuals have a knack for finding the most sassy responses. It is only when you sit and give it further thought do you realize the teachings in their pain. Some of the responses I've heard have been my go to as encouragement and/or motivation to move forward in some of my own trials. They have also been the fuel to ignite my faith when fear backs me in a corner.

Though I'd love to share most of the brassiness I've heard, I'll simply share one I borrowed from my niece. "Recently, I saw my ex with his new girl and I remembered mom told me to always be nice and pass down my toys." I wasn't ready for it but it made me laugh and definitely retrieve it when I have issues letting go of anything. 


We live in a society where we allow language to dictate our feelings and sometimes our facts. Exes are technically "hand me downs" if you really look at it. Unless, you are the first girl/boy in elementary to have found your life partner- you too are a hand me down. Also, why do we choose those terms with people and clothing. Rarely do I hear a fourth grader tell a third grader, "You can have my hand me down class and teacher and assignments and lessons..." lol! Nope, instead, we choose to label what should matter most to us with the least favorable titles simply because they didn't work in our favor. Because our feelings are hurt we negate the facts of our experiences.  

These are the things we don't want to face yet they are the ingredients that strengthen us. Life will give you whatever experiences that are necessary for your evolution; including "hand me downs." What may have been trash for you can be treasure for someone else. And vice versa- You may have been trash to someone and are the perfect treasure for someone else. The deciding factor is always setting. Being in the right hands bring out the best features. Therefore, if you find yourself with a set of hand me downs, turn them into an "outfit" the original owner couldn't even imagine.