Noise is defined as unwanted or unpleasant sound. It doesn’t normally spring to mind as a disease causer, but noise can actually produce a host of adverse effects on physical health and overall psychological well-being. Many aspects of our lives are affected including our sleep, concentration, communication, and recreation. Because it has become part of our norm, we overlook its effects on our day to day living.


When things become the norm in our lives it's a sign of adjustment. We no longer see the harm they cause because we've learned how to cope. With noise however, we know there are ways to soundproof our space in order to reduce noise pollution. For example, adding rugs to hardwood floors dampen sound. Hanging heavy window curtains in addition to installing better windows, helps in minimizing the noise that enters our space from the outside. In addition, putting furniture towards a wall where neighbors may be extremely noisy absorbs the impact of the noise coming through. 

The thought of making unwanted or unpleasant sound in our lives as mute as possible is such a luxury. Even Pietro Cicognani, a highly sought after architect indicated, "silence is as luxurious as a beautifully wood-paneled room." To those of us adjusting to noise and/or making do with the external discomforts that disrupts our lives be mindful of the fact that you are depriving yourself of accessible luxury. Walking around like everything is okay knowing the "noises" in our lives can affect our sleep, health, concentration and even our recreation is not a sound (I couldn't resist the pun) move. We have to be willing to soundproof our lives just as much as we are willing to soundproof our space.

A rug on the floor dampens the sound because it serves as a buffer, therefore find the buffers in your life. A genuine friend is a buffer. Uplifting music is a buffer. Comedy is a buffer. They help distract you from the situations and/or causing the chatter that robs you of your concentration. For example, I found myself offering a listening ear to a friend who simply wanted to vent. In the midst of her venting, she stopped midway and said, "My life is messy but miracles are still happening in my life." (huh) What happened was she needed a safe space to simply share and in the sharing, it clicked - Her feelings are valid and she owns them. She recognized owning her feelings doesn't mean owning the facts. There were good things still occurring in the midst of her mess. Instead of listening to the noisiness that would discourage her, she chose to tap into the resources that wouldn't allow her to drown in despair.  

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. – Walt Whitman

Faith is also a tool for soundproofing. It is the acoustic vehicle of spiritual vibrations which helps you stop the transmission of unwanted sound from one area to another. Blocking the noise preventing you from fully experiencing the journey of the days we have.  It will block doubt from interfering with your determination. It will block shame from interfering with testimonies that can aid someone else's test. Faith will echo the affirmations of your comrades and drown out the smear campaigns of your competitors.