Are you the one?

"Are you the one? " is a reality dating game with a twist. Couples are gathered in a beautiful home in Hawaii to mix and mingle hoping to find their perfect match. Though the production team already knows who is perfectly paired with whom, they allow these people to figure it out on their own. 


Watching some of these episodes are intriguing in that the power of group dynamics are clear yet, rarely addressed. The "house" have rooted for couples insisting "they are the perfect pair" based on external visuals. Plainly put "the house" says, "they look like they get along"....they fit "MY" definition of what perfect is and are acting accordingly so, they must be a match! Until these couples are voted to go in the "truth" booth learning, "the house" is wrong. Everyone is willing to go through the experiences of entertaining each other in the likelihood of finding "THE ONE" whom the producers deemed are their perfect companion.  Of course, I  start to ask myself (because I believe God is the ultimate comedian/mastermind) What if...? What if God is playing "Are you the one?"


What if our lives are set up to go through a variety of experiences, relationships, opportunities, etc... in order for us to discover our perfect match in regards to our lives. Whether we are seeking careers, partners and/or the meaning to life as a whole, our willingness to be engaged participants still doesn’t appear as engaged as these individuals on this show. 

Why not???  Our physical bodies aren't built for eternity. Too often we operate in life the way some of us operate with social media- choosing to peek in lives instead of being present; skimming through what we see rather than genuinely engaging ourselves. What if the public had to vote on sending you to the "truth booth" with faith? Would you be the one? Would the results show you respond with a faith filled mindset when fear is setting up shop? Could discouragement testify that your determination overpowered it? Would you be the one that's a perfect match as being God's visual-aid of Mercy?